April 11, 2013 in Non-Profit Commentary

INSIGHT : Non-Profits Approaching Foundations

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While I’m frequently involved in the nuts-to-bolts tasks of organizing non-profits, my exposure to their fundraising activities is often indirect – compliance concerns, attending events, celebrating the award of a grant, or strategic planning when a grant is denied. For a long time, I’ve wanted to gain a better understanding of the grant application process from start to finish.

On April 10, I attended a wonderful workshop organized by The Foundation Center and Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of NY. The presentation focused on approaching foundations and divided the process into several stages – determining which foundations to approach, doing your research before making initial contact with your targeted foundations, the keys to writing and submitting successful foundation grants, tips on the grant application review process, satisfying the requirements that come with foundation grants and how to handle a denial with an eye toward future applications. Participants also received a listing of valuable resources and outlines for drafting successful proposals and applications.

In just a couple of hours, I received valuable insights into the grant application processes that my nonprofit clients pursue nearly everyday.  While I have no plans to engage in or provide grant writing services myself, my new understanding of the process will provide valuable insight as I continue to cater to the legal needs of nonprofits.

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