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INSIGHT: Clarifying Benefit Corporations and B-Corps for the Social Enterprise

Although they are too often used interchangeably when discussing social enterprises, Benefit Corporations and B-Corps are not the same animal. Benefit Corporations have been in the news for severals years – from 2012, when the much-praised Greyston Bakery became the first NY Benefit Corporation, to numerous headlines

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Important changes are coming for US design patents.  These changes will be a great boon to US applicants, making it possible to use a single application to simultaneously seek protection of their designs in dozens of countries around the world.  This change comes as the US took measures last week

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LECTURE : Women’s Enterprise Development Center

Zak was again invited by the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) to return as a faculty presenter in their entrepreneurial training program on October 8th.  This installment of the multi-week training program addresses a range of legal issues typically confronted by small businesses. These issues include selecting a business structure and the

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LECTURE : Entrepreneurship Training Program

Zak is looking forward to returning to the entrepreneurial training program organized by the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) on March 31st.  This installment will address various legal issues that small businesses typically encounter – from formation through handling legal disputes. WEDC’s supports women seeking to build successful new businesses.t  premier source of training,

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INSIGHT : Another Yoga Patent Controversy

I was recently asked to comment on the current yoga patent controversy surrounding a patent application filed by Yogaglo, a company that provides streaming yoga classes. Subsequent to filing their application, the company sent cease and desist letters to numerous other providers of online yoga instruction, including YogaInternational and

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LECTURE : Legal Basics for the Women’s Enterprise Development Center

Zak has been invited to present a legal basics session of the entrepreneurial training program offered by the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC).  WEDC’s goal is to  support and to empower women building successful businesses. It is the premier source of training, advisory services, and access to capital throughout Westchester County and

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LECTURE : Legal Structures of Social Enterprises at the New School

I was delighted to be invited back to the New School  again this year to give a guest lecture on Thursday, September 27.  The topic was the legal structures that are available to social enterprises. Social enterprises, operated by social entrepreneurs, are business entities that are formed

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SEMINAR : Intellectual Property – A Small Business Primer

On Thursday, August 22, I’ll be doing a presentation on intellectual property issues that small businesses are likely to encounter. Small businesses put a lot of effort into developing their identity and brands. Producing valuable intellectual property can be a significant expense; direct and indirect revenues related

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CLIENT NEWS : My Pet Chicken featured in Huffington Post

Client My Pet Chicken was featured in the Huffington Post on May 8, in an article entitled  “10 Oddball Businesses That Actually Exist“.  My Pet Chicken is identified as one of the so-called oddballs – a small business “founded on unorthodox ideas” but with a proven track

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SEMINAR: Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing

I was delighted by the range of talented entrepreneurs that joined me for last night’s presentation in Tarrytown. It was inspiring to hear them share their nascent business ideas. We found that most of their projects could benefit from the injection of capital made possible by the many

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INSIGHT : New York State Grants for Businesses

Most businesses owners are aware that billions of dollars in grant money flows into local businesses from federal, state and regional sources. These grants support a variety of goals – increasing local employment, encouraging businesses not to relocate, stimulating valued industries, environmental improvements, promoting local tourism. A

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SEMINAR : Reminder – Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing

Tomorrow night, April 18, I’ll be presenting a seminar on using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to meet your business needs. The discussion will aim to clarify the different uses for these new strategies, including their respective limitations, and to clarify any lingering confusion between these and open source

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SEMINAR : Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing

I’ve been invited to lead a discussion on crowdfunding and crowdsourcing on April  18.  With the endless stream of record-breaking Kickstarter projects in the media lately,  many businesses are wondering how the “crowd” can help them.  Are these community-based solutions a viable option for the typical needs

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SEMINAR : Legal Basics for Freelancers and Small Businesses

On March 14, I presented a workshop on the legal issues that are most relevant to freelancers and small businesses.  This has been a very popular offering in the past.  Yesterday’s audience included event planners, marketing professionals, website developers, and a range of new entrepreneurs. The evening began

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SEMINAR : Legal issues in business websites

Thanks to all the participants who attended tonight’s workshop on legal issues facing business websites.  Having such a diverse group of  professionals, including marketing experts and website developers, in the audience really enriched the discussion. We were able to delve into adjacent areas such as options for

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SEMINAR : Legal basics for freelancers and small businesses

I’ve been invited to do a presentation on the legal issues that are most relevant to freelancers and small businesses. This is a presentation has been very popular in the past. The workshop will cover the forms of business structures appropriate for small businesses, including limited liability

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