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INSIGHT: Decoding your exemption letter: 501(c)(3) exemption and public charity status

I frequently get questions about decoding a non-profit’s tax-exempt status because the determination letter they’ve received from the IRS has a section at the top that lists “Public Charity Status” as 509(a)…, 170(b)…, or similar, and not the anticipated 501(c)3. A closer look at the first line of the exemption

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NEWS: Decreased 501(c)3 Application Filing Fees

In continuing its efforts to better serve the needs of small non-profits (previously discussed here), the IRS has decreased application filing fees for the smallest organizations.  In the past, many small non-profits that might otherwise have qualified for an exemption under 501(c)3 chose not to apply for the exemption, determining

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Accelerated IRS Review of Tax Exempt Applications

IRS efforts to accelerate review of tax exempt applications appear to be paying off. One recent report suggests the backlog, which once exceeded 60,000 pending applications, is now current. At one time, it was not unusual for an organization to wait nearly a year before receiving any inquiries

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