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Profiting from Fair Use

My office has recently fielded a flood of questions about Fair Use across a range of contexts – using a recording of a documentary subject using software on her computer; posting thumbnails on a website; sharing recipes and ingredient lists; and, most recently, artists asking whether the art they share

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SEMINAR : Intellectual Property – A Small Business Primer

On Thursday, August 22, I’ll be doing a presentation on intellectual property issues that small businesses are likely to encounter. Small businesses put a lot of effort into developing their identity and brands. Producing valuable intellectual property can be a significant expense; direct and indirect revenues related

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INSIGHT: Originality in intellectual property

Originality plays an important role in both intellectual property and business success. Some degree of originality is required to secure the protection of patent, copyright or trademark law. “Novelty” is a fundamental requirement of patent registration.  Copyrights require “original works of authorship”.   When it comes to

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INSIGHT : VHS-to-DVD: useless but not obsolete

I was asked if a private school in NYC could digitize its large collection of VHS content onto DVD. Like much of the world, the school had long stopped investing in VHS in favor of more contemporary DVD technology. Now, it’s hoping that it can continue using

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