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INSIGHT : New York State Grants for Businesses

Most businesses owners are aware that billions of dollars in grant money flows into local businesses from federal, state and regional sources. These grants support a variety of goals – increasing local employment, encouraging businesses not to relocate, stimulating valued industries, environmental improvements, promoting local tourism. A

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INSIGHT : Non-Profits Approaching Foundations

While I’m frequently involved in the nuts-to-bolts tasks of organizing non-profits, my exposure to their fundraising activities is often indirect – compliance concerns, attending events, celebrating the award of a grant, or strategic planning when a grant is denied. For a long time, I’ve wanted to gain

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INSIGHT: Tax Exempt Organizations & Filing Requirements

Many organization find that achieving tax exempt status is the most significant obstacle to overcome in getting established. Beyond the effect on tax filing requirements, the classification makes organizations eligible for a range of funding unavailable to non-exempt organizations, including being eligible for tax-deductible donations. While exemption

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INSIGHT: Promotional “sales” – online and off

An online presence allows retailers to effectively market products and services nationally and globally. Your website marketing effort is available to consumers down the street as easily as those thousands of miles away. Fortunately, your online efforts don’t need to comply with the varying and sometimes conflicting

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INSIGHT: Originality in intellectual property

Originality plays an important role in both intellectual property and business success. Some degree of originality is required to secure the protection of patent, copyright or trademark law. “Novelty” is a fundamental requirement of patent registration.  Copyrights require “original works of authorship”.   When it comes to

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Design Patents – rapid turnaround

A recent study by Dennis Crouch over at the Patently-O blog finds that over the last three years, the majority of design patents were examined and issued within about 12 months of application. This is not to be confused with the pace of utility patent review –

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INSIGHT : VHS-to-DVD: useless but not obsolete

I was asked if a private school in NYC could digitize its large collection of VHS content onto DVD. Like much of the world, the school had long stopped investing in VHS in favor of more contemporary DVD technology. Now, it’s hoping that it can continue using

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“Occupy” Technology as Protest

Hacktivist group Anonymous has become well known in recent years for protesting internet censorship as well as for paralyzing secure corporate computer systems using distributed denial of service (DDoS) tactics. As reported by several news outlets, the group is now adopting a new tactic. It has initiated

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INSIGHT : Non-Profits – expedited 501c3 filings

A client recently asked whether their 501(c)(3) application qualified for expedited review by the IRS. The IRS will only accelerate the review process in very limited circumstances. For example : Funding: If you are an existing organization that  has been promised a grant or donation that is contingent

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