December 9, 2014 in News, Non-Profit Commentary

NEWS: Congress considers permanently extending important charitable giving incentives

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Congress is currently considering extending three important charitable giving incentives that have expired.  These incentives address donations related to (i) IRA rollovers, (ii) food inventories, and (iii) land conservation easements.

Federal law promotes a policy encouraging individuals to support charitable organization by allowing itemized deductions for contributions. This policy is being revised in the course of reviewing the America Gives More Act. Some interests have proposed changes that could detrimentally impact the strong tradition of American charitable giving.

Organizations such as the Pro Bono Partnership and National Council on Nonprofits have come out in favor of making these three incentives permanent provisions of federal law.  You can read more about why extending these incentives is important here.

Please join me and others active in the nonprofit world in asking our representatives to: “Make the three charitable tax incentives (extenders) permanent before adjourning; our communities rely on work funded by these incentives and we are counting on your help.”  Find your Senators’ email addresses and your Representatives email address and let them know!

Please contact Zak Shusterman if you have questions about how these incentives affect your organization or with any inquires about state or federal non-profit treatment.