February 27, 2015 in Events

LECTURE : Social Enterpreneurship Guest Lecture at the New School

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I have been invited to once again guest lecture at the New School‘s course on social entrepreneurship.  Social enterprises, operated by social entrepreneurs, are business entities formed with the primary goal of doing some good in their immediate communities or affecting individuals across the globe.

This innovative course guides students’ social enterprise concepts, from conceptualization to business plan development, selecting sources of funding, legal considerations, as well as identifying partners and resources.  My session will focus on the legal structures that are available to social enterprises, and provide an overview of practical and legal considerations when pursuing social entrepreneurship.

The course is taught by Prof. Dennis Derryck, who has a long history of fostering social enterprise in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Most recently, he is the founder of the Corbin Hill Farm, utilizing a hybrid for-profit and non-profit structure to bring fresh nutritious produce to disadvantaged communities in so-called ‘food deserts‘.

Zak Shusterman has advised numerous non-profit corporations and social enterprises throughout NYC and abroad. He has acted as counsel to Corbin Hill Farm since its inception, including advising its transition from an LLC-structured social enterprise to a rapidly growing non-profit called the Corbin Hill Food Project.

If you are a social entrepreneur, or are considering whether the non-profit or for-profit route is most appropriate for your project, feel free to contact Zak Shusterman directly to discuss how he can help your project.